Customer feedback or feed on?

In the 21st century business world, a lot of companies have become more interested in getting feedback from their clients/customers. Whether or not the feedback is being utilized is the question we need to ask ourselves.

In every service rendering establishment you visit – banking halls, hotel lobbies, business lounges or reception desks, you can’t fail to notice comment cards, comment box or an online link or email directing you to provide feedback about the service rendered.

For most companies, this is just a showcase to prove that they care. They never reach out to the customers, in-spite of the effort it took to provide to required feedback. These companies either don’t have the interest to follow up or just too busy to deliberate on the feedback. Also in some cases, the personnel in charge of collecting feedback shreds the bad comments and only submit the good ones to the decision makers. Some companies will even avoid reaching out to the customers to avoid any compensation on already sold goods or services, forgetting that “your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning- Bill Gates.

Feedback, whether bad or good from your clients, should be an exciting experience; that someone got the time to share his or her
experience after consuming your product or service is a big deal. It helps your company to rate your service and where you stand in the market. It also helps your company to plan trainings with the understanding of the capacity needed.

Every company should treasure feedback, good or bad from their clients, if they want to improve on their internal standards and ultimately increase their profit.

The writer is:

Ayub Kato

Customer service and Call centre consultant.
Smiling faces International.

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