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Why do insurance companies take long to process insurance claims..?

The answer to this will depend on your individual experiences.

After dealing with a number of insurance companies in Uganda, I observed
that Ugandan insurance companies mostly display resistance in processing
client insurance claims, thereby making the claim process frustrating for
the clients to the point of wanting to drop it..

A number of insurance companies in the market place today pleasure in going
from office to office, selling their insurance policies. However, their
chasing power is not commensurate to the responsibility and promises
displayed in responding to claims. When you call to report a claim, the
call attendants exhibit shock like you have been donating to charity and
you were not supposed to make a claim, but later manage to send you the
claim forms. Also if you are a policy holder,I advise you study and fully
understand these policies before you commit to any. These documents are
complicated and only understood by the insurance companies themselves. You
will be surprised when you are filing for a claim and they let you know
that is not covered in the policy you have.

It may be true that these companies are embracing digitalization where all
insurance processes are done on the system besides the claim process which
is technically manual and most of the time when you receive the form, no
form of manual is sent for guidance.. The claim form when sent back may not
be processed until 3 or 4 weeks or even months if you are not persistent.
All this is just to frustrate your claim efforts.

If you were involved in a motor accident and your damaged car needs to be
fixed, you will need to find other means of transport as this claim process
takes for ever and poses an inconvenience to clients.

I have always wondered what causes this delay? Why can’t a claim be
processed within 2-3 days since most of these policies are paid 100% in

When most insurance companies ran  out of business in the USA, it was due
to these unclear business transactions and hidden agendas of  reaping off
clients.I am also aware that insurance companies are also hit by
fraudulent claims from the general public. I am not sure if they are also
aware that these fraudulent claims are engineered by their own staff
internally conniving with people outside the company  to reap off the
companies.  This is an internal problem, you need to vet your employees
extremely well. This will avoid delaying claims for good standing policy

Why don’t you advertise your claim processing times the way you advertise
your precious policies.?

The best way to serve your clients is to quickly help them in the time of
need not to frustrate them the more.
Process their claims fast enough and put a smile on their faces in these
unfortunate situations.

I will be back next week to discuss medical insurance and the authorized
clinics and hospitals.

The writer is:

Ayub Kato
Customer service and call center consultant.

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