Coffee, Tea Tasting Party Excites Fans

If you thought that only beer has the monopoly of social joy, you are mistaken. Just believe me, a cup of coffee, or tea, can attract people into a fruitful social gathering.

This was proven during the coffee and tea party, which was organised by Smiling Faces International at Vine Yard Café and Wine Bar, Forest Mall, on Saturday.

Despite the irritating early morning down pour, an impressive number of people of all social classes streamed at the venue to have a taste of the various brands of decaffeinated tea and coffee.

Further to the variety of coffee/tea brands, the fans were enormously surprised by the warm welcome with which they were received by the organizing partners, Ayub Kato and Pamela Nakityo. The fans, who were hoping to part with some money for their preferred brand of tea/coffee, could hardly believe when they learnt that they were actually at liberty to have a taste of all the brands, without paying a single coin!

The brands on display included among others Café Latte, Gourmet, Organo Gold, Black Coffee, Café Mocha, Red Tea, Green Tea and Hot Chocolate.

One of the fans, Safina Nakato, could hardly hide her excitement. “I wish the tea and coffee party becomes a weekly event. These brands of coffee have a smooth taste. Even without sugar, the awesome taste still prevails.”

Another fan, Lilia Kyobutungi marveled at the beautiful packaging of the coffee and tea brands. “The coffee is well packaged. The appearance of the packs invites you to open and taste the drink they carry even before you become thirsty.”

But the party did not end with coffee/tea tasting. The organisers, Kato and Nakityo also took their fans through an interactive session, during which they sensitized them about the social, health and nutritional benefits of taken decaffeinated coffee and tea, which they said contained Garnodama, a Chinese herb, which further to checking ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure, is also associated with longevity of life.

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