As part of Smiling Faces’ ongoing commitment to continually improve the quality of your customer service and positive interaction with your clients, we will monitor and record telephone calls at your company for training purposes.

The purpose of this initiative is to allow Smiling Faces to evaluate, via real-time/live conversations with your clients, how well you demonstrate the telephone skills and procedures upon which you have been trained. Initially, we will be making “shop calls” to your company. These calls will be made by individuals posing as prospective customers in an attempt to evaluate your telephone skills. Following the test call evaluations, the monitoring will be carried out on live calls made by real prospective clients. The results of these evaluations will provide a vehicle to identify the “Super Stars” of customer service or in some cases identify additional training needs or constructive suggestions to help you become a “Super Star”.

These recorded conversations will be summarized in an objective written format, which will measure your performance against established benchmarks for associates in your role. The recorded calls are for both training and evaluation purposes and will become an important part of your performance evaluation process.

By signing below, you acknowledge that you understand that calls at the company will be recorded and can be used as part of your ongoing training and evaluation.