Smiling Faces International Ltd. provides 6 core services within the areas of compliancy, human resource management and recruitment, mystery shopping, revenue analysis, telemonitoring and telemarketing. SFI services are modified accordingly and personalised in order to best serve the needs of clients and the nature of their businesses.

Customer Service Trainings

Whatever business you specialize in, Hospitality, Finance, Retail e.t.c you are dependent on people(customers) to make purchases from you and make you profitable and increase your lifespan as a business. A great deal of customer satisfaction is dependent on the relationships formed between your staff and the customers. With our customer service trainings we offer tips and techniques on how to deliver quality service, winning customers from your competitors, building a loyal customer base that are willing to spread the word about your company and products, service recovery, anticipating the unexpressed wishes of customers.People do not care how much you know or how much you have to offer until they know how much you care. Prepare to have an experience that will allow you to make savings so many costs if correctly applied,making you stand out of the crowd of other competitors. With our experts in service quality, we guarantee you customer service training that will transform the working environment in your company. Our training sessions are fun parked, practical ,hands on and memorable. Team building workshops and motivational speech sessions are also offered by smiling faces International.


Smiling Faces International hotel sales and marketing is all about getting new revenue opportunities and reviving old contacts.
We do this with Senior Sales managers who research the call and can attract the business. They know how, they have the talent. Not telemarketing – real sales. The Senior Sales Managers Who Do The Research, Do the Calls SFI has a senior sales manager team


As part of Smiling Faces’ ongoing commitment to continually improve the quality of your customer service and positive interaction with your clients, we will monitor and record telephone calls at your company. The purpose of this initiative is to allow Smiling Faces to evaluate, via real-time/live conversations with your clients, how well you demonstrate the telephone skills and procedures upon which you have been trained.


A hotel compliance audit is a comprehensive review of an organization’s adherence to regulatory guidelines. Smiling Faces International using their Independent accounting, security, Hotel or IT consultants evaluate the strength and thoroughness of compliance preparations. Auditors review security polices, user access controls and risk management procedures over the course of a compliance audit

Revenue Analysis

Smiling Faces International has a process of examining and factoring in consumer behavior to achieve the maximum amount of profit from a perishable good. Consumer behavior is examined to determine the correct price level to make the item enticing to the consumer. The idea is to coordinate timing, price, and consumer buying patterns to achieve the best return.The issue with yield management is that it can often result in unfair pricing

Human Resource Management and Recruitment

Hotel industry is a significant part of the hospitality industry. Being associated with the travel and tourism sector, it has become one of the leading contributors to national and world economies. These are amongst the major aspects of a nation’s infrastructure too. With expanding international trade and business, this service industry has more in store for many years come.

Mystery Shopping

Smiling Faces International, mystery shoppers enables hotel managers and executives to keep tabs on their customers’ experiences and highlight any Hotels hire mystery guests to give an honest account of their experiences. Though it is by no means a free holiday, as the responsibilities involved need to be taken as seriously as those of any other job.